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A loving father and brave daughter run from dinosaurs.
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Once upon a time, there was a father and daughter, who lived on a remote, misty island surrounded by dark, evergreen forests and tall, looming mountains. The two were the only humans on the island, but it was home to creatures of legends - dinosaurs.

Every morning, the father and daughter ran through the forest together, fleeing the dinosaurs as they emerged from the shadows of the trees. The father carried a torch in one hand, leading his daughter quickly away from the monstrous creatures. The daughter clutched her father's hand tightly, her eyes wide with fear.The father and daughter ran until the sun was high in the sky, the dinosaurs far behind them. They passed through a glade of wildflowers and up a winding path, across a small stream and into a clearing with a view of the entire island. There, the father and daughter could watch as the sun slowly set, the dinosaurs silhouetted against the orange sky.

Every night, the father and daughter returned to their cozy cabin in the forest, safe from the monsters of the island. They would tell stories of their day and make plans for the next, grateful for the time they spent together, running away from the dinosaurs.

What others are saying

Bringing Our Twins Imaginations to Life

“It can be tough finding time to come up with new and exciting bedtime stories every night, especially ones about twin girls. I add in the most random ideas (and make sure the protagonists are twins) and it keeps up with us, making our silly ideas make sense! ha!”

Marcus Jones
Father of twins
Perfect for the classroom!!

“The story generator has been a fantastic tool for me in the classroom! Not only do my students love hearing the stories, but it's also been a great way to make my lessons more interactive and engaging. :-)”

Paityn Bergson
First-Grade Teacher
Creating the stories I couldn’t find

"I was always struggling to find picture books that reflected my culture and heritage for my son. Now, I can easily create stories that incorporate Samoan folklore and traditions, and my son loves hearing about his culture before bed. It's such a blessing to be able to share a little bit of home with him every night, and I'm so grateful to Pagemaster for making it possible."

Leilani Fa'aleava
Working mom of one
Helping My Nephew See Himself

“I am not very creative or a writer. It’s hard finding books that have Black male characters as the main protagonist, especially imaginative ones written by Black authors. Now I’m making stories that reflect my nephews identity and experience!! It's a great way to nurture his love of reading and help him feel seen and valued.”

Samantha Davis
Aunt of One